About IDMA

Redefining the Way People Learn Martial Arts!

I Do Martial Arts. Com redefines the way people will learn martial arts and is for anyone interested in martial arts, exercise, self-defense, health, fitness, sports medicine, and fans of the sport.

The global membership website provides online step-by-step instructional videos that allow you to learn in the comfort of your home, from experts, and for a minimal monthly fee. All the programs are presented by renowned grandmasters, Hollywood celebrities, and experts in the field. For your convenience, profiles, chat rooms, forums and mailboxes are incorporated to help you connect with others around the world.

The website includes for you blogs by the grandmasters; an updated news section; a world-wide martial art school directory, to find a neighboring school; tournament, championship, and show listings; and even a system that helps you find local training partners.

Whether you want to learn on your own or supplement a school program, you can learn conveniently your way by visiting, Idomartialarts.com

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