Mini Biography - Chad Netherland

Chad is a martial artist who is known for his phenomenal strength. A ten-time world record holder in feats of strength, he was one of the youngest martial artists to be inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2003. He has been doing martial arts as far back as he can remember. Chad feels it was his destiny to move in the direction of martial arts since his mother went into labor with him in one of his father's martial art schools.

Chad holds a 7th Dan instructor belt in Aiki-jujutsu, 5th Dan in Kempo, and 5th Dan in Judo.

But his passion seems to be in the area of breaking. He has broken several world records and is featured in the 2008 Guinness World Records and also in the 50th year anniversary edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. One of Chad's biggest feats of strength was holding two planes back from taking off for one minute and 66 seconds. He bent 10 nails in less than 22 seconds, and many other extraordinary breaking feats.

The IDMA team is thrilled to have this awesome celebrity on board.

Breaking Records

  • Most ice broken by hand in 60 seconds (55 blocks weighing 2970lbs)
  • Most ice broken in a single strike (13 blocks in a 16ft wall of ice)
  • Concrete broken with a 16lb sledgehammer (848.10lbs - record broken 6 times)
  • Fastest time bending 10 nails (21.13 seconds)
  • Longest duration to hold back two airplanes from taking off by hand (1:00:66 seconds)

  • Aiki-Jujutsu History

    This martial art style first originated from the Japanese, specifically the Samurai. The modern version of Jujutsu (also spelled Jujitsu or Jiu Jitsu) has become a generic term for grappling-related disciplines. Jujutsu styles were first developed to fight bare-handed with heavy armor and light or no weapons against a heavily armed opponent.

    Offensive methods still used are striking, throwing, restraining, and small weapons. Defensive methods used are blocking, off-balancing, evading, camouflaging, and escaping. Small weapons used for training were daggers, weighted chain, helmet smashers, and disguised weapons. Most modern Jujutsu styles are only partially fashioned from the original ancient styles since they are geared to fight unarmored opponents in competitions and no longer in the battlefield.

    About Aiki-Jujutsu

    Aiki-Jujutsu is a form of Jujutsu which focuses on neutralizing an attack early. It emphasizes throwing techniques and joint manipulations to control, subdue, or injure an opponent. timing of an attack and using the force of the attacker's movement against them is a primary tactic of Aiki-Jujutsu. One characteristic of this art is once the opponent is down, to use the knee to control them so to leave the hands free for weapon use or dealing with other attackers.

    The concept of Aiki is old and used in other armed combats. Its main concept is to pull when you are pushed or to push when you are pulled.

    Chad Netherland
    Chad Netherland
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