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This is the first kata of the purple belt. Pinan means ‘Peace and Confidence’ or ‘Peaceful Mind.’ Sandan means third. The Pinan katas are attributed to Anko Itosu whose most famous student was Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan. Funakoshi developed the Heian katas from the Pinans. Pinan Sandan is done at the purple belt level. The purple belt represents getting bruises. At this rank, you will be pushed to your limits and will get bruises, cuts, and maybe even broken bones. This belt is the transition from the intermediate to the high ranks. Also, the color purple represents mountains. From the ground, the peak is often obscured by a purple haze. This serves as a reminder that although you have come very far in your training, there is still more to learn. There is always more to learn.
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Robert Cutrell
Grandmaster Robert Cutrell
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