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Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Striking Mace on I Do Martial Striking Mace 2min. 21sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Crossing Talon on I Do Martial Crossing Talon 3min. 18sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Circling Elbows on I Do Martial Circling Elbows 1min. 48sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Locking Arm on I Do Martial Locking Arm 1min. 31sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Windmill Guard on I Do Martial Windmill Guard 2min. 22sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Spiraling Wrist on I Do Martial Spiraling Wrist 2min. 19sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Crash of the Eagle Part 2 on I Do Martial Crash of the Eagle Part 2 4min. 20sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Encircling Arms on I Do Martial Encircling Arms 3min. 6sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Rising Elbow on I Do Martial Rising Elbow 1min. 31sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Guarding the Wall on I Do Martial Guarding the Wall 2min. 25sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Eagle Pin on I Do Martial Eagle Pin 1min. 8sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Striking Fang on I Do Martial Striking Fang 1min. 35sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Shackle Break on I Do Martial Shackle Break 2min. 21sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Drawbridge on I Do Martial Drawbridge 2min. 52sec.
Kenpo Karate Keith Curts Full Nelson on I Do Martial Full Nelson 1min. 49sec.
Keith Curts
Keith Curts
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