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Kenpo Karate / Keith Curts / Video Library > Turning the Handle Video Length: 3min. 28sec.
This technique uses more chinese circular motions and involves tricking the opponent into a backstep, followed by a foot sweep to the front leg and a wo fisted punch to the head and side.
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Transcripts of Kenpo Karate / Blue Belt / 01 Turning the Handle

I Do Martial Ok welcome back, we're on blue belt now, the first technique in blue belt is called turning the handle, this is where you are going see some of the techniques get a little more circular, a little more less hard, more circular kind of softer movements, that are put in there to make us not be the proverbial bowl in the china shop. So the first technique is against a, also some of the techniques in blue belt are against a someone else that has had some type of a training, not necessarily your guy on the street that is just throwing the haymaker with the wrong foot forward and the wrong distance and so forth. So this technique is against an opponent being in a fighting stance, so we're both in a fighting stance and of course we wouldn't just be standing in range where we could hit each other, so I'm out of range, what we want to do in this technique is, I'm going to make my opponent put his weight on his back leg, I'm going to do this in a couple different ways. Either going to hit him in the head and knock his weight to the back leg so I can sweep this front one, or I'm going to swing at him with the circular shot thats a little bit telegraphed so that he leans back, either way, the weight goes to the back leg, its easier for me to sweep the front leg. If I was trying to break the I would want more weight on the leg, you know, I would want him to have, his, his weight on that front leg, so its not going anywhere when I kick it, its just going to break. But because we are trying to sweep the leg, I want his weight on the back leg, so this technique can be done offensive or defensively. Offensively I am going to start out with a, what they call a chinese swing type motion. This hands going to do a backfist and it could be to move this or he could be throwing that and this could block. This hands going to come across and you're going to do what's called knuckles to the temple. Me, myself I don't like to hit with the fore-knuckles, its a preference thing if you like it if you think its wonderful then do it, its great. But I want to go one, as this hand hits or he leans back, either way that weight is going to back leg. Now the right foot is going to come around and hook and then we're going sweep just kind of pulling him in, here. Ok, as he goes down yeah, there we go. Alright. Ah, we're going to cock both hands and then we're going to strike with either, it could be either over-hand or backfist, I've seen it taught a couple different ways and then reverse punch on the bottom. Lets try it again, so he's either standing there and I am doing it offensively or he's throwing this and my first move of my Chinese swing is going to be a block, ok, as this hand comes around, we hit and hit here same time I sweep and pull, hard to do this slow, and then we're going to come back with a back fist to the head, and reverse punch either to the body, or you know he might have turned like this, he might have turned that way, this could be to here and to the ribs in the back as well, ok. Again more of a real kind of circular, let me do it without you for a second more of a circular Chinese movement, so the backfist, followed by the fore-knuckle and the strike, alright You end up in what's called a twist stance, alright, so that is Turning the Handle

Keith Curts
Keith Curts
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