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Kenpo Karate / Keith Curts / Video Library > Bridging the Gap Video Length: 3min. 52sec.
This technique is used when your opponent attacks you with a two handed push. Using his momentum you divert his arms to the outside of your body and punch him as he continues to come in. This is then followed by two more strikes.
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Transcripts of Kenpo Karate / Blue Belt / 02 Bridging the Gap

I Do Martial Next technique is called Brigding the Gap. Now, technique is against a two-hand push. Ok. Whats the difference between a push and a grab? Its kind of the same as the difference between a grab and when somebody is throwing a punch. Not so much timing involved here, when he's already got a hold of me and I gotta get my self out of a hold. Timing is not as critical as when the guy is hitting you. You know, if he grabs me and starts kneeing you in the groin thats, thats bad new for you. But someone comes in with a push, as a opposed to a punch. We got, we got a grab where we have to have you know, not as much time to deal with. You've got a punch where yout timing better be pretty good, because a punch should be moving pretty fast in order for it to hurt What you have with a push is somewhere in the middle, somewhere between a grab and a hit. Ok? Full speed push, come over here full speed push looks, don't move. Full speed looks like this this is full speed but no power, ready don't move. ok That's a fast push, but no power, didn't hurt right? Full power push would be like, bench press ready, didn't hurt at all right? No speed. So you gotta, there's gotta be enough speed to get it there, but there's got to be enough power for him to push through, so that makes a push slower than punch because of the difference in you know, his, what he's trying to get power-wise, especially with a two-handed push A two-handed movement you can't, you can't turn and torque your body like you can when you're throwing punches. So as he steps start neutral, turn neutral, turn neutral. As he steps in for the push I am going to step in and clear the hands here. I'm not trying to stop. Push. I'm not trying to stop that power, again, not trying to stop the power. I'm trying do is let him keep coming forward that it's. I'm going to let him keep coming forward, but now he's completely wide open. So from clearing the hands I'm going to strike to the ribs. We use a half-fist. You could use an uppercut, but you'd have to close your hand all the way and open it. So we're going to clear half-fist, followed by back-fist to the temple followed by eye-strike, shoving the fingers into the eye ok. Another concept that this teaches is and you, you'll see this sometimes in self defense techniques, where you'll see a guy do...hold a vertical punch up there so I don't hit your Radial nerve. You'll see a guy block the punch and you'll see him bounce off of his own body to come back and hit a person. If you're doing for speed so that you can change direction of the arm faster, great, I'm with you if you're doing it for the slappy, poppy effect I'm not with you on that one. So watch, I'm going to do an inward block to his arm and I'm going to bounce off my shoulder and come back with a chop to his neck So I'm going to go here. Boom. Like that. Ok, bounced off of me came back to hit him. Why it do that? Because its faster for me to change directions like this than it is for me to come back and stop than come back and hit. I'm bouncing off my own body. Don't bounce off your own solar plexis or bounce off your own groin, things where you're going to hurt yourself Common sense goes a long way. Alright? But on this technique I'm bouncing off my own body. As he pushes, I go clear and hit. From right here I'm bouncing off my own shoulders with the back-fist, bouncing off again with the eye-strike. Ok. Let me do it with out you for a second. So up to here, this technique is basically one move. From right here its going to be isst* one and then isst* two Ok. Bounce with the backfist and with the eye strike Alright? Again not my favorite way to hit somebody, crossing the arms, hitting with both hands at once. But again I can't just teach you the things that I like. Alright? That is Bridging the Gap.

Keith Curts
Keith Curts
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