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Kenpo Karate / Keith Curts / Video Library > Advancing Phoenix Video Length: 3min. 51sec.
This technique has two variations and involves and combination of blocks and kicks. It is very effective and fast when practiced and performed correctly.
Video Transcript
I Do Martial Next technique Advancing Phoenix. Ok face me. This is against a left hand grab. followed by a right punch, yes. Ok, so the concept here on this one, again of course your timing got to be perfect when somebody is punching you and you can't just move out of the way If I have to stand here and block, I have to rely on a whole lot of reaction speed. So I'm going to pin as he throws the punch, I'm going to block across under the arm. Normally we did the inward block, we cocked and came across here. His arm is in the way. I can't cock it and come over, so I'm going to come up under at an angle, just kind of sliding up here and locking. The same time that I do that, we're going to kick to the knee with a whats between a snap and a thrust kick. If I do a snap kick to his knee, I point my knee like and I snap it, (kicks) here for speed. If I do a thrust, I pick my knee up and I thomp down for maximum power. I don't have time to pick my knee up and set it down, but I don't just want to do a snap kick. So what this is is basically locking front snap. I am going to hit the knee and stay on it, because what we're doing is cross checking the punch. He grabs me with the left and I as I pin and block this. Throw the punch. Here this is hitting but I'm staying on that leg for a second. Then I am going to set in the elbow. Elbow up through the chin and then come down withe a claw to the face. Ok, another angle. Watch the cross check low. As I pin I block here and bang to the knee. Set. With the elbow. I set first and then elbow. But you should set with the elbow go up to the face and then claw. Ok. Variation B. On B I want to elminate his ability his ability to throw the punch. Am, so we're going to cross check before the punch comes. If the punch was already on the way I have to deal with whats happening right then. Ok. If I can avoid the punch coming in the first place, we're going to do that. So he's going to grab with the left as I block, I'm going to kick to the knee and block on the outside the elbow at the same time. Right so, instead of blocking the punch, I'm locking the elbow. Which means he hasn't thrown the punch yet, So as I pin and hit the elbow and check the knee. Try to throw punch. Right. Ok. So thats the idea with that. Than again with a shoe on, especially some thing like a tennis shoe, something with better traction than the bottom of my foot with just skin. Its going to be a little bit easier to hit that leg and find it. If you're not..If you haven't practiced enough kicks where you can kick that leg and find it. Just kick that knee. If I'm looking at his face, I can kick that knee without having to look down at it. If you haven't practiced enough kicks and don't have enough accuracy with your kicks yet to do that without looking at the knee then you probably need to practice a lot more kicks before you try to do a technique like this because I don't have look down at that and get hit with this. Alright? So one more time, Advancing Phoenix B I'm going to pin, lock the elbow as I kick the knee. The follow up is the same. Bend the elbow, elbow up to the face and claw. So A and B, done in the air, will look almost identical Here's A, I pin, block as I kick set with the elbow, elbow up and claw I'm going to pin, lock the elbow set in with the elbow, come up with an elbow, and claw. Alright? And again, some of these things, they're hard to practice this fast on this opponent. I mean this technique should be like (movement). You know? Its hard for me to do that on John and not really, ah nail him with something. Alright?
Keith Curts
Keith Curts
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