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High Intensity Workout
By silvio on Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 2:10 pm
Intense resistance training stimulates what is called muscle protein
turnover. This is important for two reasons:

a) It causes your body to burn extra calories and belly fat when you are not
training (so while you recover, etc.).

b) It stimulates muscle re-modeling.

That means it will help you maintain your muscle (and sculpt your body) even
while you are eating fewer calories and burning fat.

However, if you rely only on light weight & high reps, you won't keep that
muscle and your metabolism will decrease.

Law #2) Switch from slow cardio to interval training.

Research shows that interval training is more effective for burning belly
fat than regular cardio - even when you don't change your diet!

Interval training is what separates people with 20% fat from those men and
women with the lean, athletic, sexy abs body type.

Interval training also builds better sport conditioning and "everyday
fitness" that is more practical in life.

For example, how often do you ever need to run 5 miles? Pretty much never.

But how often do you need to climb a few flights of stairs or chase one of
your kids? Those are every day demands...and will be best improved by
interval training, not 30 , low intensity on the cross trainer.

Law #3) Use non-competing supersets to do more work in less time.

By using the Supersets where you do 2 unrelated exercises back to back,
you'll avoid muscle fatigue and get more work done in less time.

Therefore, you'll burn more calories compared to traditional workouts.

This is one of the major reasons High Intensity is so efficient and

Law #4) Use Total Body Workouts

Forget the classic bodybuilder method of doing one body part per day. That
will only give you overuse injuries and set you up for more injuries &
chronic pain in the future.

So switch to three total-body workouts per week, using a variety of
exercises, and when possible, using a variety of training methods - from
dumbbells to kettlebells to bodyweight exercises.

Finding the right formula is the first part of the equation. You need the
strength, courage, willpower and persistency to make the journey.

Rise to the top is always uphill. Enjoy.
Silvio Simac
Silvio Simac
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