Mini Biography Shihan George Picard

Shihan Picard began his training in Goju Ryu Karate. He resides in Ontario, Canada where he teaches Goju Ryu Karate along with Kobudo, Tai Chi and Qigong. Shihan Picard competes internationally and also coaches and judges. He received an International Coaching Award from the Government of Venezuela and the World Congress of Martial Arts in 2001.

One of his greater accomplishments was in 2005 when Shihan Picard was awarded the title of Tai Chi Master from Master Helen Wu.

Also being a gifted Qigong healer, he trains and teaches the Qigong healing arts to cancer patients at his school and clinics throughout the Greater Toronto Area and has received numerous awards for his local and international community service.

The IDMA team is honored to have this skilled grandmaster and humanitarian on board the I Do Martial Arts' program.

Tai Chi History

Tai chi chuan is a branch of traditional Chinese martial arts being practiced since the 16th century. It uses the principles of Tai Chi (not to be confused with Qigong) to guide the movements of the body.

There are five orthodox styles from which all Tai Chi styles were derived from: Chen Style, Yang Style, Wu/Hao Style, Wu Style, and Sun Style, all named after the families they originated from.

Zhang Sanfeng is said to have developed the concepts of soft internal martial arts back in the 12th century which is the root basis of Tai Chi.

About Tai Chi

Tai Chi is similar to an internal martial art with soft forms. These slow movements combined with a focused mind bring about a state of mental calm and clarity.

The study of Tai Chi is broken down into three categories: health, meditation, and martial arts

The training is initially solo and these slow motion routines are often practiced for health. The benefits are stress management along with coordination, relaxation, retaining posture, encouraging circulation, and maintaining flexibility and longevity. As a big booster to the immune system, it also brings the body, organs, and nerves into harmony. Tai Chi's philosophy in the martial arts is to resist an incoming force or not directly fight it. Force against force brings injury. Meet the incoming force with softness and follow its motion until it exhausts itself, then it can be safely redirected. This is known as yin meeting yang or yang meeting yin, asserting that soft will defeat hard.

The term Tai Chi translates as "supreme ultimate fist".

Along side of Yoga, the martial art of Tai Chi is growing fast as a fitness and health maintenance program.

George Picard
Grandmaster George Picard
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