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Tai Chi / George Picard / Video Library > Elbow Technique Video Length: 3min. 31sec.
Opening movements: Relax. Stand upright with feet together, arms hanging naturally and eyes looking straight ahead. Salute by bringing together the right hand in a fist and the left hand with the palm open, at chest height. Bring your hands back down. Step out to the left, so that your feet are shoulder-width apart. Unlock and slightly bend the knees. Raise both arms, crossing your hands above your head. Shift your weight to the left and bring the arms down to the sides. Continue moving your arms to the front of your body, shifting your weight to the right. Release power, shifting your weight to the left an snapping back both elbows. Finishing movements: Step out to the left with the left leg, so that feet are shoulder-width apart. Raise up both arms, then press your hands down in front of your body. Bring your arms to the sides.
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George Picard
Grandmaster George Picard
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