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Tai Chi / George Picard / Video Library > Striking Video Length: 2min. 48sec.
Opening movements: Step out to the left, so that your feet are shoulder-width apart. Unlock and slightly bend the knees. Step out to the right into a T-step, bringing the hands in front of the body. Push out with the right arm, while the left arm draws in, with the palm turned up. Turn the wrists while drawing your right arm back towards your body (with palm up) and pushing out your left hand (palm down). Turn the left hand, so the palm is facing up and held at the lower abdomen. Push out to the side with your right hand and form a hook hand. Lift the left knee and slide out to the left. Shift your weight to the left as though shoulder and hip were being used to strike. Shift your weight back to the right, as the left hand moves from the abdomen and up to the right. Shift your weight to the left, bringing the left hand around in a sweeping motion to the left. Finishing movements:
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George Picard
Grandmaster George Picard
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