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Sunday, December 27, 2009 @ 21:36 EST
A Martial Art's New Year's Resolution

After the New Year, there invariably comes New Year's resolutions, and one of the most popular resolutions is to lose weight and get into shape. A recipe for effectively conquering both is taking-up martial arts.


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A Martial Art's New Year's Resolution
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Why martial arts?

Martial arts are disciplines that train the body in self-defense and combat, but the side effects of the training achieve a whole lot more.

Everything in martial arts involves physical activity in one form or another. Exercises like forms, foot work, stances, etc. set the body into great athletic shape and provide stability. Stretching exercises are specifically designed to improve and increase power to kicks and punches with flexibility as an offshoot.

Regular practice of forms and fighting applications, using hand/feet combinations, results in superb coordination. The teaching and drilling of power and balance points greatly improve balance.

Numerous techniques and exercises in the arts enhance spirituality. Learning calmness in highly emotional situations will render rational and precise reactions that also balance the soul. One technique, Chi Gong, uses various stances and breathing exercises to open the meridians and allow energy flow throughout the body, which in turn facilitates more power, control, and better health.

All exercises and techniques in martial arts automatically build strength. Strength building exercises like the long pole routine builds enormous endurance and muscle.

A huge byproduct of martial arts is gaining knowledge of the body; more knowledge effects better control of it and better control adds up to better performance.

So what style of martial art is right for you?

    Here are a few pointers:
  • An art that teaches not just fighting but healing and health
  • An art that educates in the principles of the art - "One principle is worth more than a 1000 techniques."
  • An art that instructs in proper rooting of the body, which provides stability and preparation for any attack
  • An art whose teacher shares all his knowledge and sets a good example for his students
  • An art that provides fun - it must instill an enthusiasm to learn and attend classes regularly

Diet and exercise are the two most important factors in keeping the body healthy. Martial arts supplies that exercise with the added element of providing protection and nourishing the body and mind. Remember, "You are only as rich as you are healthy mentally and physically."

IDMA wishes you a great New Year!

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