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Sunday, December 13, 2009 @ 14:02 EST
Controlling the Fight

The ultimate achievement of a martial artist is controlling the fight. To control the fight, you must control the center line. Control is far more important than hitting is. If you are able to control your opponent's center line then it is easy for you to hit him. Controlling the center line makes a fighter highly effective both defensively and offensively.

What is a center line?

It is an imaginary line that divides the body into equal and balanced sections on which all major weak points are located. Every fighting technique affects the center line. Attacks are usually focused on the limbs, but hits should be directed at the center line of the opponent. Chasing the center line breaks the opponent's balance, takes away his advantage, and lets you control the fight.

The effectiveness of the hits is astounding when directed to the center line. The entire body supports the action of attacking the center line, forcing the opponent to fight an entire body not only the limbs or torso.

More than one center line exists. The opponent's physical position determines how many center lines and their positions. If the opponent is stationed facing you, the first center line is located from the middle of the head vertically down through the middle of the body. Two more center lines pass through the upper body horizontally, parallel to each other. Other positions change the location of the center lines. Control of the center line is done through the wrist, lower arm, elbow, shoulder, or whole body.

Along with attacking your opponent's center line, it is equally important to maintain your own center line. The center line grounds you. Power comes from the ground and moves up through the hips and further up through the elbow. This power prevents you from falling down if your opponent pushes, pulls, or strikes you.

What happens if your opponent alters the position of your center line? You are at a disadvantage, and your first action after defending against the attack is to immediately put your center line back to its correct position, facing your opponent, to regain your control.

Learning to control, hold, or close the center line will ultimately determine the result of your fight. If you want to win, don't go for the limbs, go for your opponent's center line.

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