Teaching this course is a professional and former Super Bantamweight champion known as the “Canadian Kid”, who has won 29 of his 30 career fights. Included in the course are various punches, defense techniques, numerous combinations, warm–ups, and boxing basics and theory. Sign up and learn boxing from the champion.

This world-renowned and Guinness World Record holder teaches you breaking basics that advance you up to breaking concrete. Learn proper conditioning and setups for your breaks; maximize your effectiveness and minimize damage to yourself. Learn all the essential breaking skills in this unique course.

ChunJiDo will help you develop physical strength, and mental sharpness to face any confrontation. It provides its practitioners proficiency in all ranges of self-defense. World renowned Grandmaster Robert Cutrell guides you step by step, teaching you a structured, disciplined approach to Martial Arts and Defense Training. This will help build character, confidence, and self-esteem.

This course teaches a very simple to learn method of self defense based on combined Jiu Jitsu and is geared to beginners and suitable for many fitness levels. Basics of self defense are taught along with various locks, armpins, pressure points and also kicks and throws. The course is geared to learning self-defense in an easy and fast way.

This course is designed to enhance skill, speed, strength, stamina and suppleness. It also includes basic principles, plyometrics, resistance training and understanding of bio mechanics.

This accomplished American actor, stuntman, writer and producer is also an expert martial artist who holds 26 titles and seven black belts in different Karate styles. The Brooklyn–born grandmaster teaches you street fighting principles, defense techniques, telegraphing, and ways to increase speed. Sign up to learn how to defend yourself and be more street smart.

The Jeet Kune Do instructor is Guro Rick Faye, an acclaimed national and international master with over 25 years in the martial arts. He is one of only five Senior Full Instructors under Guro Inosanto. He brings his impressive reputation and skills to IDMA to teach the system and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, founded and developed by the world-renowned Bruce Lee. Learn kicks, forms, counters, trappings, drills, combinations, and much more from this well-developed hybrid system.

Four-time Olympian, Keith Morgan, teaches this comprehensive Judo course consisting of fundamentals, techniques, throwing, combinations, arm-locks and MMA techniques. Learn this grappling sport from the best of the best!

Guro Rick Faye, Senior Full Instructor under Inosanto Organization, teaches this in-depth Kali course, covering basic strikes, concepts, movements, footwork, exercises, empty hands and much more. Learn this deadly art from one of the best in the world.

This accomplished actor and British royalty from the Philippines teaches you weapon techniques and skills using sticks, knives, or whatever is handy to use for fighting. Sign up to learn better weapon skills and how to improvise.

Need an empty-hands style for self-defense then our Kenpo Karate course is the one. Taught by a Texas-born artist who started his martial art training well over 25 years ago, this course guides you up the ranks with aggressive yet technical moves based on physics. Added to that are principles and concepts of motion, which adequately teach you to overwhelm attackers.

Teaching this style is the undefeated World Full–Contact Karate champion, “Superfoot”, who held the Middleweight Kick–boxer title for over 15 years. The course includes his secrets in speed, balance, agility, and stretching; and techniques in sparring, kicking, shadowboxing, and focus targets. Sign up to learn kickboxing from the ‘legend’.

One of the best in the world and Guinness World Record holder teaches you the art of kicking and stretching. The course instructs on flexibility, coordination, stretching and various types of kicks. Sign up and master your kicks.

This style is taught by the highest grappling instructor in Canada. Designed from the fighting style of the spider. It includes self-defense, throwing, grappling, pressure points, kicking, punching, ground defense, and incorporates aspects of Karate, Aikido, Drunken Kung Fu, and Judo. Sign up to build fitness and develop self-defense.

Teaching the Law Enforcement Special Training course is Paul Bonner who has taught professionally since 1988. Paul is an international expert in law enforcement training and has taught over 20,000 students; 11,000 of these are Recruits, Tactical Teams, Drug Enforcement, Use of Force Instructors and Nuclear Security Officers. This special law enforcement training course is taught no where else and includes hours of training in knife defense, firearm handling, baton use, controlling subjects, and many other principles relating to law enforcement tactics.

This 36 year veteran, holding his 5th Degree Black Belt in Okinawa Karate and numerous belts in other arts, specializes in Martial Art Science. This training is an enhancement to all martial art techniques by demonstrating concepts and principles of how the muscles and body works jointly to obtain the most effective results.

This renowned international master teaches the soft art of Tai Chi for physical and mental health. You are introduced to breathing and relaxation techniques, warm–up exercises, stances, forms, and the essential training routines. Sign up and be on your way to less stress and better health.

This course is taught by one of the world’s leading Wing Chun masters. It includes all the art's essentials like Siu Nim Tau; Chum Kiu; Bui Jee; pulling, pushing, changing, and closing; and Double Chi Sau parts one and two. Sign up today to learn from the best and become a Wing Chun expert.

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