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The 3-minute interview: Samuel Scott
Posted on Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 7:45 pm
by IDMA Editor

Scott created Prince George's County's Full Circle Martial Arts Academy out of the basement of his home in 1992. Now, Scott is an expert in Talahib Kuntaro, a streamline self-defense system that he innovated.

Photo of Samuel Scott

What prompted you to open the Full Circle Martial Arts Academy?

I started martial arts when I was 13 years old, so it had always been a childhood dream of mine. I originally began martial arts classes to learn self-defense, but as time went on I began competing. When it came to starting my own business, I wanted to focus on teaching children about martial arts. I now focus heavily [on] character development with children, and I wanted to help children focus on their academics through my martial arts program.

Why do you also focus on self-defense for women?

For one, there is a serious need for self-defense, especially for women. In tough economic times, women become easy prey. I have established a program for women to teach them what predators look for in victims. Self-defense used to be a hobby for most, but now it's an assurance. People need to know how to defend themselves when walking around.

How did you first become recognized for your self-defense program?

We started out with a lot of free safety workshops, and then we began offering law enforcement courses. Through friends, I got officers to come out and take some of my courses. From that, I was able to get contact here and abroad. Now I train the Panama police and Panama Special Forces.

What's next?

I plan to expand the children's martial arts program and set up a nonprofit organization, since many children cannot afford classes. I want to help facilitate opportunity through FCMAA. I also plan to expand the self-defense program throughout the country by establishing satellite schools.

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