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The Warrior's Way
Posted on Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 6:35 am
by IDMA Editor

Years ago there was a bizarro Western project in the works called LAUNDRY WARRIOR, set to co-star Zhang Ziyi.

That has since become THE WARRIOR'S WAY, and now features a grungy Kate Bosworth, a nearly unrecognizable Geoffrey Rush and Danny Huston, and plenty of high-flying martial arts and inconsistent green-screen.

Photo of Kate Bosworth from

The movie stars popular South Korean actor Jang Dong-Kun (TAE GUK GI: BROTHERHOOD OF WAR, 2009 LOST MEMORIES) as a wandering swordsman defending a lost town of circus performers from a gang of evil bandits.

Photo of Geoffrey Rush from

Seems like a mashup of spaghetti westerns, wuxia and LONE WOLF AND CUB, with a splash of SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO and a heaping of 300 style.

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