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Acrobats, Gymnasts, and Martial Artists Join
Posted on Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 6:28 am
by IDMA Editor

ACROBATS and martial arts experts performing with the Chinese State Circus have opened up about life in the spotlight, missing home and training routines.

Stars of the show, which visited the city two years ago, have created a new production honouring one of the Eastern country's most famous historical legends. Using the world-famous Shaolin Wu-Shu Warriors, acrobats are performing the legend of Mulan, a famous female Chinese warrior who defied laws of 1,500 years ago to fight for her country.

Photo of Cao Jing, front, as Mulan and Yu YanFei as Monkey King in the Chinese State Circus Mulan show - from Lincolnshire Echo News.

The part is played by Cao Jing, 21, who began training in martial arts when she was six.

"It is an honour to play Mulan as the story is famous in China," said Cao Jing, who is performing in the UK for the first time with the show.

"I really enjoy the role and love having the audiences. Training is very important and I will do many hours when I am at home.

"During shows, we will train in the morning and then have the afternoon to relax before we need to do the shows.

"I miss my family at home and my boyfriend. I have really enjoyed being in England, especially the chocolate biscuits."

The gymnasts, acrobats and martial arts experts have created a series of routines including running up vertical poles, silks, balancing and martial arts routines.

Yu YanFei, 21, who plays the Monkey King similar to a clown in British circuses said he loves the attentions from the crowds.

Yu YanFei said: "My favourite part of the show is the audience, getting them warmed up for the performances.

"We practise from morning till night to get the show ready, just eating, sleeping and training. Everyone here is like a big family and we have lots of laughs. This is my first time to the UK, although I have been to other countries. My favourite thing about the country is eating burgers, although I do miss my home country's food very much."

Shows in the luxury big top on Lincoln's South Common kicked off last night and will continue until Sunday afternoon.

The circus city, consisting of the performers as well as trainers, physiotherapists and chefs, is being shipped around the country in a huge fleet of vehicles until March, when they will return to their home country.

Show manager and former Moscow State Circus performer, Gyula Galos, said: "This show is a wonderfully put-together performance.

"The artists have all spent about a year learning the routine and training in Beijing before it gets shown to the public."

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