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Kung Foo to be Reborn as Legend of Martial Arts
Posted on Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 2:32 pm
by IDMA Editor

Perfect World Entertainment was planning to release a humorous martial arts game called Kung Foo. After the closed beta ended in February, PWE decided to postpone the title because it wasn't ready for the open market. Well, the game has been reborn with a new name: Legend of Martial Arts.

Legend of Martial Arts Game

Legend of Martial Arts is scheduled to launch by the end of November, but PWE has only teased fans with what they can expect to see in the game. According to the team's welcome post, the MMO has received a "total graphical and content overhaul" from its Kung Foo days. A separate post gives players a look at the updated graphics.

PWE has promised to provide more details on Legend of Martial Arts as the game nears the launch window.

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