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World martial arts championships being held in China
Posted on Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 3:17 pm
by IDMA Editor

The competition is being held in the city of Shiyan near the Wudang mountains. More than 2000 competitors from 80 countries will join the battle that will consist of Wudang and Shaolin boxing, weapon usage, and Tai Chi Chuan.

Wang Xiaolin, the secretary of the International Wushu Federation, said that Wushu is a sport that belongs to the world even though it originated from China. The word Wushu in Chinese is a general term for martial arts. This event is also an attempt to bring Wushu to the summer Olympic games. By increasing the visibility of the sport, China hopes to further gain acceptance and respect from the international community.

Photo of Jet Li who is currently one of the most famous wushu practitioners worldwide - photo by

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