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Bill “Superfoot” Wallace to Visit Martial Arts Family Fitness
Posted on Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 7:25 am
by The IDMA Team

Martial Arts Family Fitness, a family-owned and operated school dedicated to improving lives through martial arts, announced today that martial arts legend Bill “Superfoot” Wallace will lead two seminars at the Santa Barbara school’s facility on Friday, November 19 and Saturday, November 20, 2010. Friday’s seminar is for youth students of the school and the Saturday seminar is for adults and is open to the public.

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“It is an absolute pleasure to have a celebrity of Superfoot’s caliber at our school and visiting Santa Barbara,” said Master Melodee Meyer, co-owner of Martial Arts Family Fitness. “Superfoot’s commitment to excellence, which has been demonstrated throughout his career as a professional karate champion, is an inspiration to martial artists and non-martial artists alike.

Bill Wallace, known as “Superfoot” to the martial arts world because of his left leg, having been clocked once at 60 miles per hour, won 23 consecutive fights in the Professional Karate Association where he was the middleweight champion and retired undefeated after a 15-year career. Wallace has trained celebrities, including Elvis Presley and John Belushi. He has also appeared in several films throughout his career and is an accomplished author. He works with martial art school owners and martial artists around the world.

“As a life-long martial artist it is a great honor to have Superfoot in our school,” added Master Dave Wheaton, chief instructor and co-owner of Martial Arts Family Fitness. “His achievements are legendary, and we hope that our students and martial artists from the tri-counties are able to learn from his greatness. We have students from some of our affiliated schools around the country that are coming in to train with Superfoot. Bill will discuss his training and stretching, as well as what has made him successful throughout his long career.”

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