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Van Damme: I'm 100 percent healthy
Posted on Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 5:46 pm
by IDMA Editor

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 21 (UPI) -- Belgian action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme says he is "100 percent healthy" despite reports this week claiming he suffered a minor heart attack.

"Hours ago, I read a rumor online about me suffering heart attack!!," E! News quoted Van Damme as saying on his Facebook page Thursday. "Please, do not believe all what you read from rumors on any unofficial JCVD sites. Jean-Claude Van Damme is 100 percent healthy, training well for taking the fight and sending his fans & friends much love."

Sources on the New Orleans set of Van Damme's latest flick "Weapon" told several media outlets the actor was briefly hospitalized this week after suffering a minor heart attack. The reports said he headed home to Belgium after he was released from the hospital.

Contacted for comment, Van Damme's representative said the actor was "OK" without elaborating.

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