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TACTIX May be the Hot Fitness Trend of 2011
Posted on Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 8:33 am
by IDMA Editor

Each year, there is a promise of a new fitness system that will take the world by storm. Fitness innovator, Dr. John Spencer Ellis, is banking on TACTIX to become the next sensation that will be adopted by fitness and martial arts instructors around the world. In turn, they will take it to fitness fanatics in clubs, gyms and parks everywhere. The concept of TACTIX is to combine modern martial arts, fitness boot camp intensity, practical self-defense and the dynamics of a group exercise class into a single program that does it all.

Photo from dallasmartialartsacademy

Another key component to TACTIX is metabolic conditioning (known as metcon). In simple terms, it's a way of working out that incorporates work/rest cycles and high intensity exercise. The result is a stimulated metabolism, a fast-paces workout and better overall conditioning. In the world of exercise science, metcon is all the rage. The years of long drawn out hours on the treadmill in an attempt to lose weight are over. Research shows that metcon cuts the time in half.

"TACTIX is a blast. It's for men and women of all ages. You learn practical self-defense without the 'drama' of scenario training and hitting a guy in a big rubberized suit," says Ellis. "TACTIX is the perfect combination of kickboxing, mixed martial arts conditioning, fitness boot camp and body weight exercises. The result is a body that looks good and moves fast," add Ellis.

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