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Snipes kicks off martial arts film
Posted on Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 6:27 am
by IDMA Editor

The thesp has signed to star in the martial arts comedy "Master Daddy" and produce through his Maandi Media Entertainment with Tayrona Entertainment Group. Dan Meachum and James Ordonez are also producing.

The film will feature cameos and performances from dozens of martial arts and fighting arts stars including Chuck Norris, Chiba, Frazier, Gracie, Hung, Inosanto, Jaa, Rhee, Kim, Lee Mosely, Bob Wall, Rampage, Anderson Silva and Ron Van Cleff. Musicians Rock Steady, Jabbawakkies and Quest Crew will also perform.

"This multi-racial action comedy is a mix of 'Kung Fu Hustle' and 'Meet the Parents,'" Snipes said. Tayrona is co-financing and will distribute in Latin America. Pic begins production this fall for a 2011 release. "Daddy" is the third film collaboration between Maandi Media and Tayrona following "Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel" and "Havana Heat."

A federal appeals court upheld Snipes' conviction of failing to file federal income tax this summer.

Photo of Wesley Snipes - Snipes is hoping For New Trial In Tax Evasion Case Wesley Snipes has revealed that he is hoping for a new trial in his tax evasion case. Snipes said that he is hoping that the arrest of his former financial adviser will force the court to take another look at the charges, which landed Snipes in jail for a three year prison sentence. He has been seeking to have his conviction overturned for quite some time, but now his attorneys want to file a new appeal based on the recent arrest of his former financial adviser, Kenneth Starr. - Photo from UrbanCelebs @ Spreadit.Org

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