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Posted on Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 6:54 am
by IDMA Editor

Re: Martial Arts Rule Change A Danger To Kids: Coach; Punches to head OK, Oct. 29.

It is with fear and incredulity that I read that a children’s division for mixed martial arts (MMA) in British Columbia allows “ground and pound,” which means “children be hit in the head once they are on the ground.”

Photo from Chicago Now

Fervent supporters of established martial arts frequently mention the benefits of their own type of training and environment for young participants. These are based on discipline and techniques that have been practiced for millenia. MMA doesn’t have that past history.

I am stunned at coach Don Whitefield’s comments. He says “the only problem” he can think of is related to improper gear fitting.

The only problem?

He blames the parents for buying helmets that are too big. He then mentions that grounding and pounding is “something that has to be taught and learned, and your body has to get conditioned to that.”

As a sport medicine physician practising for 20 years and my regular management of patients with concussions who are getting younger every year, I can say one thing that we know for sure: You can’t get conditioned for concussions. - Dr. Richard Goudie, Barrie, Ont.

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