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Letter: Throwing stars have their place
Posted on Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 6:20 am
by IDMA Editor

I am writing this letter to share my concerns on an important matter regarding personal rights in our state. According to the California State Penal Code article 12020, Shurikens (more commonly known as throwing stars) are illegal to possess, manufacture, sell, and purchase. I personally find this not just an infringement on our personal freedoms, but also on those of the martial arts community and those with a heritage involving these ancient tools.

Throwing Star (Shurikens)

Shurikens are a traditional aspect of many Asian-based martial arts, and also of the cultures of peoples from the Japanese islands. Fears derived from a few cases of abuse drove California legislators to ban Shurikens outright. I believe that the dangers of these martial arts instruments have been greatly exaggerated. Shurikens were designed to merely be a distraction to the thrower's opponent. They were designed to be thrown in a way, which reflected light into an enemy's eyes buying the thrower crucial time in a combat situation. Also, the Shurikens' users in ancient Japan believed the instrument too inaccurate to possess any fatal potency.

While saying this, I recognize that in the wrong hands these weapons could cause unnecessary damage. Therefore, I suggest we change the penal code to allow Shurikens only in schools for the martial arts this way we can restore a traditional instrument to the martial arts community and keep our streets relatively safe. I encourage anyone to contact California legislators in order to take action on this important issue.

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