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Action Star, Martial Arts Legend, And Total Gym Spokesman Chuck Norris Makes A Comeback--David Hasselhof Style
Posted on Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 6:34 am
by IDMA Editor

Martial arts icon and star of the hit TV series Walker Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris, is making a return to television. In his new outting on the small screen, Norris laughingly judges martial arts moves and is mistaken by someone's mother for (of all people) the late Bruce Lee. Sounds interesting. So what sort of show is Norris's big comeback gig? A What's My Line-type game show perhaps? Or a kung fu version of American Idol? Guess again.

Photo of Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris' return to TV will not be seen on American TV. Norris's return to public view will be in a series of T- Mobile ads shown in the Czech Republic. However, according to Third Age. Com, Norris's fans worldwide will be able to tune in to the ads online.

Odds are the multi-talented, seemingly ageless Norris will become as famous for his Czech T-Mobile commercials as he was for his American TV series, action films, and Total Gym fitness equipment infomercials with Christie Brinklley. As shown on Wim Demeere's Blog, the Czech ads are brief, amusing vignettes in which the action star satirizes his own image. (In one ad, the quintessential tough guy Norris, faints at the sight of a woman chopping a fish.)

So will Chuck Norris become as monolithic an icon in the Czech Republic as David Hasselhof became in Germany? Why not? It's possible he'll become even bigger. Perhaps Norris will even invite the Hof to make a few guest appearences in his T-Mobile ads. The Hof could easily play a parody of a lethal tough guy.

After all, the world has already seen him demolish a hamburger.

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