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UFC Veteran Shonie Carter Officially Retires from Mixed Martial Arts
Posted on Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 8:22 am
by IDMA Editor

The president of IDMA had the privilege of meeting Shonie Carter at the MMA Expo in Toronto, Canada, in June 2010. Shonie visited the IDMA booth and accompanied one of IDMA's models, Ashley Byford, with picture taking for the fans.

Photo of Shonie and President of IDMA, Werner Leuschner - photo by IDMA photographer ACL

Photo of Shonie and IDMA model, Ashley Byford - photo by IDMA photographer ACL

UFC Veteran Shonie Carter Officially Retires

Few fighters can say they've been around in almost every mixed martial arts promotion that matters in the span of their careers.

Everyone aspires to go to the UFC, to the WEC, to Bellator Fighting Championships, to King of the Cage and to a plethora of other promotions around the block that I won't run down one by one.

Photo of Shonie Carter - He's colorful. He's an entertainer. He's Mr. International, the ONLY Shonie Carter.

Few fighters can say that they've done that in their career, and one of those few finally hung up the gloves today.

A former WEC veteran and member of The Ultimate Fighter's fourth season, "Mr. International" Shonie Carter looked to get one more victory under his belt in his return to active competition when he faced Israeli sensation Jeremy Knafo at the inaugural Israeli Fighting Championships.

Unfortunately, that wasn't meant to be.

He was able to rock Knafo once with his signature shot—the overhand left—but otherwise he was knocked around by the much younger Knafo, who won a decision.

The performance caused Carter to drop a fifth-straight loss in a row, ending with a pro record of 49-26-7.

MMA Weekly reported the results of this fight and the aftermath thereof as it happened earlier today.

Carter was never truly considered a "pound-for-pound" king, and he never held a title aside from the WEC Welterweight title, but his flashy entrances and his always-wild fighting style made him one of those guys that people enjoyed watching.

Shonie announced his retirement after the loss, and tearfully addressed his kids, saying, "Dad is coming home…to just be dad."

On behalf of all of us in the MMA sports-writing community, especially us here at Bleacher Report, I'd like to say that if not the flashy entrances, it's the fact that Shonie never left a dull, lifeless taste in our mouths after a fight.

When you mention guys who may not have been memorable champions or memorable fighters but who brought it every time they stepped into the cage, Carter's name is sure to somehow sneak its way into the conversation.

He was a man who had the type of style that everyone loved: just a balls-to-the-wall, really full-blown "caution-to-the-wind" type of style for a welterweight.

Again, he never held the UFC Welterweight Championship or the PRIDE Welterweight Championship, but he did leave behind some memories that none of us are sure going to forget.

It's only fitting that someone with that moniker would hang up the gloves on international soil.

Therefore, at this time, I'd like to say to Mr. Carter: Thank you for the memories.

Thank you for the moments you made possible.

Most of all, Shonie, thank you for being "Mr. International"—the fighter the world will truly never forget.

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