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E.T. Biggest Loser: Using mixed martial arts to drop the pounds
Posted on Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 7:39 am
by IDMA Editor

EAST TEXAS --- When your start to tip the scales at more than 200 pounds. Experts say it's going to be hard to get that weight back down. But the man we talked to Wednesday did.

He shed 60 pounds by adding some martial arts to his diet. Ro Williams says he was never the biggest guy growing up. So when he stepped on the scale and saw the number 235; the reality took some time to set in.

"I sat here and I looked at a picture and I realized when I saw the picture I was like: 'there's something wrong right here,'" Williams says.

He was 27-years-old and couldn't believe what he was seeing. He made a decision to change his eating habits and focus on fitness.

At lunch, after work, everyday; he made it to the gym.

"I just put my mind to it and said this has to happen," he said.

Thomas Longacre helped Williams train. Not just to lose the weight over the last few years; but compete in mixed martial arts.

"If it were easy, everyone would be fit and in shape. You've got to make sacrifices with your eating and lifestyle," Longacre says.

Williams says the fights he competes in now are more of a battle for his own health.

"It's kind of like eating. You do it every day. If you don't eat, you get hungry. When I don't work out, I feel like I need to work out."

As always, consult your doctor before starting any new kind of workout regimen.

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