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Heidi Montag is learning martial arts because she can no longer afford bodyguards
Posted on Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 5:23 pm
by IDMA Editor

The reality TV star Ė who recently admitted she and husband Spencer Pratt are on the verge of bankruptcy Ė is having to change her lifestyle dramatically in order to cut down her expenditure.

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She admitted: ďI canít afford security, so I practice self-defence and chain punching.

ďI have spent millions on security in the last four years because I had to take care of the cost all on my own. Itís crazy and itís hard, but life is not always fair.

ďI have had to change my life. I canít afford to go out to the clubs anymore because the sort of protection I need can cost anywhere from five to 10 thousand dollars a night ... when you travel itís even worse, because you need to cover the guards travel, food lodging, etc and pay them. That is actually where all my money went because safety is number one.Ē

Although Heidi is learning ways to protect herself, she is not yet confident in her abilities in the practice of Wing Tsun and so admits she has taken to leaving the house less and less.

She told ďIt is scary to be out there without protection, people do follow me and you can never be too careful.

ďItís overwhelming, and itís most difficult when Iím in large groups of people.

ďIím not ready to go out alone yet ... Iím only 5ft 2ins tall and have a small frame so I understand I canít completely do it alone. Which is why I donít go out as much anymore.

ďHalf the reason I am laying low and staying to myself is because I donít have that security like I used too, and you never can predict what will happen.Ē

Despite her safety worries, the blonde beauty says the lessons have given her a confidence boost.

She added: ďIt gives me a confidence I didnít have before. I am doing this self-defence because it gives me inner strength, and I feel safe in my home. Itís a deterrent, but I know I canít do what the body guards do.Ē

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