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World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 (PC) Preview
Posted on Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 10:01 am
by IDMA Editor

World of Mixed Martial Arts 2 is one of my all-time favorite games, so with the sequel getting released next week I decided to write a preview based on my time with the beta version of the game. I am going to be using the "5 Things You Should Know" format for my preview.

Before we start the preview proper, a small introduction: World of Mixed Martial Arts is a series of text-based MMA simulators created by Adam Ryland, famous for developing the wrestling simulators Extreme Warfare, Total Extreme Wrestling and Wrestling Spirit. The game is sold online through the Grey Dog Software store. The game features a fantasy-based database (in other words, fake fighters) but is highly customizable with scenarios, skins and graphics, allowing for real MMA promotions and fighters to be used (usually created by fans and made available as mods at the Grey Dog Software Forums).

The new database begins in 1998 and features one new promotion set in Brazil, with all the promotions that appeared in WMMA 2 making a comeback. The database has been reset in a way, with several former established stars now showing up as prospects and former prospects showing up as established stars (Spencer Rubenstein and Marlon John among others). That means that if you have not played any of the previous WMMA titles and are unfamiliar with the default data you can jump right into WMMA 3 without the need to know the fighters or their back stories.

5 Things You Need to Know About WMMA 3

1.New Fighters, New Renders: This one is pretty obvious. I don't know how many fighters WMMA 2 had, but this version has around 1,100! That means plenty of new fighters with some cool renders. Some of the new renders look like they where inspired by WWE wrestlers (One looks like Kofi Kingston, one like Sheamus) and others are entirely original. Some older characters have also gotten new renders (Juzoas Skerla, Monica Masters) and others have gotten a name change (Vic Timms is now Vic Micelli or something like that, Grant Capelli is Grant Kyle).

2. Styles Make Fights : One of the things that I absolutely love is that styles really make fights. In WMMA 2 whenever you pit a good/great fighter against a "can" there was practically zero chance of an upset. Not so in WMMA 3. If you pit a star fighter against a "can" that happens to be strong in areas where the star's defense is weak, upsets will happen! They don't happen all the time, but frequently enough to make you think about your match-making. The "critical rating" of the fights is also affected by styles. Put two boring, grapple heavy guys with no stand-up and chances are the match will be an awful snooze fest. Put two dynamite strikers with good chins and weak ground games and watch them stand and bang their way to a great bout. Obviously other factors come into play: charisma for example and also how good a guy is at a particular skill. Two good wrestlers will put on a great bout, while two poor wrestlers (if wrestling was their main skill) will likely bore you. Putting two great fighters in a bout is not a guarantee of a great match, however. They might be so good that they cancel each other and end up boring the crowd.

3. Fighters are smart : The realism of the fight engine and how smart fighters are is awesome. For example, a great stand-up guy with decent submissions fights another stand-up guy, but that guy has weak submission defense. Knowing that his opponent's submission defense is weaker than his submission skill will mean that Fighter A might actually try to take the fight to the ground and use some submissions, something he will NOT try to do against a Jiu-Jitsu master, for example. Wrestlers who get punch-drunk will abandon their gameplan and go for a desperation takedown like in real life. A wrestler who wants to get the fight to the ground and who has been unable to get a takedown might settle for pushing his opponent to the cage and trying to use it to get the takedown. Gameplans really matter and whenever an upset (or a one-sided domination) happens you can go back to the report and realize that the fighter with the best gameplan won. This include using leg kicks to weaken the legs and thus, limiting the shot of a wrestler.

4. Locking in a submission is no guarantee : In WMMA 2 whenever a fighter locked in a submission, it was 99% of the time a fight ending sub. Not in WMMA 3! Fighters can gas their arms when going for a guillotine, fighters can escape subs because they where not properly applied and they can even hold on until the end of the round. In my BCF game I fell in love with Jake Keane because he survived a Seth O'Breen arm bar for 25 seconds until the round was over and then went on to win the bout in the next round. In my XCC game I labeled a new fighter whose name I am not going to spoil a choker because he had a guy in an arm bar twice and somehow the other guy managed to pop his arm free and then went on to beat the new guy by TKO in round 3.

5.Fighter Development and the Fog of War: Young (or old has beens) can develop properly since every month they can compete in a local show. Every region holds at least one local show a month. Fighting a local fighter is not a guaranteed win; I have seen local fighters beat the established guy. The Fog of War adds a nice twist, since you might hire a 7-0 prospect thinking he is the next big thing and then watch him struggle because he has never fought this level of competition before. When it comes to hiring and developing guys, there is a lot more gambling and a lot more uncertainty than in any other WMMA game before.

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