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Martial Art Christmas Ideas
Posted on Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 9:22 am
by IDMA Editor

Christmas gift suggestions.

Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone seems to have that someone that they don't know what to buy for, that person who you almost rip your hair out for, trying to decide what to get them at a reasonable price. Here are a number of stocking stuffer suggestions that may help.

Digital Spy 2GB Memory MP3 Player USB Flash Digital Voice Recorder Pen Black - available at

The Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder desk accessory holder includes a pen holder, tape dispenser, memo/card holder, paper clip holder - available at

Gift certificate to a spa is always a hit. Who doesn't want to be pampered. And where services and prices range to your individual needs.

S Stand Shaving Set with Razor and Badger Hair Shaving Brush offers the ultimate luxury shaving experience - available

Female torso shaped optical mouse has curves in all the right places and yes, you can guess where the left and right click buttons are. Fits a USB or PS2 fitting - available at

Excalibur Phantom Force Electronic Chess Set - available at

Listen to your favorite tones through your iPod, iPod nano (or any other small MP3 players) in the shower, by the pool, in the kitchen, or anywhere else with this Zumreed Rain Drop iPod Bathroom Speaker available at

Chrome Bond Lighter that's sleek with gorgeous packaging and great for lighting candles - available

COOL FEET LAPTOP STANDS were designed as compact and removable supports that temporarily fix to the bottom of your laptop with suction cups. Elegant, simple to attach and detach, they raise the laptop just enough to allow a constant cooling airflow - available at

More gift ideas to follow in the next days.

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