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Extreme martial arts team set to leap into Asquith
Posted on Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 1:39 pm
by IDMA Editor

You may have seen them on Australia’s Got Talent, converting the ancient skills of martial arts into an entertaining and energy-filled action show.

Well, now The X-Treme Team, a crew of Sydneysiders who have redefined martial arts in Australia, will perform at Asquith Leagues Club on January 16 - and it is guaranteed to be a show unlike anything you’ve never seen before.

Picture gallery of team leader Hakan Manav in action

At the centre of the team is 22-year-old Hakan Manav who has been doing martial arts since he could walk.

Manav’s father owns The Australian Martial Arts Academy at Marrickville and after many years of training to become a fifth-dan black belt and receiving international titles he discovered a side to his profession he hadn’t seen before.

“We’re always trying to keep up-to-date and we saw some cool things happening overseas,” Manav said.

“Training can be monotonous but once you introduce weapons and acrobatics, combined with the traditional stuff, they (students) love it. It’s very rewarding.”

Before he knew it, Manav was performing on Mornings with Kerri-Anne and on Disney Channel - but they received a huge following thanks to Dannii Minogue’s support on Australia’s Got Talent.

Manav performed a comedy routine with 10-year-old Eleni Siafakas and Lincoln Parr, 9.

For larger shows like Asquith The X-Treme Team has a pool of up to 30 kids to draw upon, some as young as three years old.

“The little ones are really adorable. Even if they fall down, everyone laughs,” Manav said.

The X-Treme team will perform with Chuck Chicks, four young women who do martial arts.

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