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China movie - Bruce Lee My Brother
Posted on Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 4:46 pm
by IDMA Editor

Hong Kong/China - Period biopic - Directed by Raymond Yip and Manfred Wong

San Francisco, 27 Nov 1940: Bruce Lee is born to Cantonese Opera star Lee Hoi-chuen (Tony Leung Kar-fai) and his wife Grace Ho (Christy Chung) while Lee is on tour with his troupe.

The following year, just before the family returns to Hong Kong, baby Bruce appears in the film Golden Gate Girl. Back in Hong Kong, Lee Hoi-chuen is the main provider to a large extended family in a sprawling flat presided over by his mother (Lee Heung-kam), who insists on the baby being called Lee Sai-fung, despite being registered as Lee Chan-fan. Following the Japanese takeover of Hong Kong in late 1941, Lee Hoi-chuen is forced to perform for the occupiers.

After the war, life slowly returns to normal in Hong Kong, and in 1948 Bruce's younger brother Robert is born. As a boy, Bruce grows up as a brawler, befriending another kid in the neighbourhood, Unicorn Chan (Au-yeung Jin), the son of a martial artist.

In 1950, film director Fung Fung (Cheung Tat-ming), a family friend, suggests that Bruce acts in his production The Kid, choosing the stage name Lee Siu-lung (Little Dragon Lee) for him. Following that, Bruce performs in a dozen or so films during the next few years and becomes a teenage star, inviting his friends, who now include UK-educated Lau Lin-kwong (Zhang Yishan), to the studios.

Both Bruce and Lin-kwong fall for Cho Man-yee (Jennifer Tse), daughter of actor Cho Tat-wah (Eddie Cheung), though Bruce is secretly loved by longtime childhood friend Leung Man-nui (Angela Gong). After losing a street fight with a western boxing enthusiast, Hong Kong policeman's son Charlie Owen (Alex Yan), Bruce decides to seriously study martial arts.

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