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Digital Shelf Space Partners With No.1 Mixed Martial Arts Star, Georges St-Pierre
Posted on Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 3:37 pm
by IDMA Editor

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - Jeffrey Sharpe, President and CEO of Digital Shelf Space, a Vancouver-based independent producer and online distributor of home entertainment content, is pleased to announce its groundbreaking product starring one of the biggest names in Mixed Martial Arts ("MMA"), Georges St-Pierre. Digital Shelf Space has been granted the rights to Georges St-Pierre's brand for use in the production, marketing and distribution of a series of 6 MMA inspired DVD workouts titled GSP RUSHFIT. This new content partnership reflects Digital Shelf Space's overall strategy of aligning itself with world-class, global brand partners in the creation, production and distribution of online direct-to-home entertainment content.

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Georges "Rush" St-Pierre ("GSP") is a Canadian professional mixed martial artist and MMA world champion who holds black belts in both Kyokushin Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As a top ranked MMA fighter and welterweight champion of the world's leading MMA organization, St-Pierre trains professionally on a daily basis. The 29 year-old athlete also trains in other disciplines such as boxing and wrestling and has been competing since 16 years of age. In 2006 he became the welterweight champion of the world's leading MMA organization, a title he successfully defended in Montreal against Josh Koscheck on December 11, 2010.

The home DVD workout series was designed specifically with MMA fans in mind. Digital Shelf Space's decision to partner with GSP was largely rooted in his wide appeal and global MMA fan base. The home-based fitness program is based on body weight intensive circuit training that incorporates MMA-style conditioning exercises. The workouts focus on building muscle, cutting weight and getting in shape. The DVDs are now available for sale at

"Georges St-Pierre has dedicated his life to Mixed Martial Arts and is one of the top conditioned athletes not only in the sport, but in the world. The health and well-being of our society and MMA fans everywhere can benefit directly from the same commitment GSP has made to his health and fitness. Georges' commitment to excellence has made him a champion and has created a name for himself in the sport that is uncontested," Mr. Sharpe said. "With every fight he continuously seeks to improve and refine his skills, as evidenced by the fact that he currently holds the welterweight title belt in the world's leading MMA organization. Millions of GSP fans watch his title fights. The outcome of his training and conditioning is always apparent after he fights. We are excited to partner with Georges St-Pierre as one of our top priorities going into 2011."

"Digital Shelf Space is the best at creating, producing, marketing and distributing fitness videos online and in stores," said Mr. St-Pierre. "I am excited to be working with the Digital Shelf Space team to bring my style of MMA training directly to the fans."

With this partnership, Digital Shelf Space targets the fitness video market, one of the most lucrative content segments within the direct-to-home entertainment industry. Our partnership with Georges St-Pierre delivers a key consumer base - the ever growing population of Mixed Martial Arts fans. MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and in many other countries around the world, delivering millions of fans in the coveted 18-40 year old male demographic. Digital Shelf Space plans to continue extending its offering into other direct-to-home markets.

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