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URCC president vows to aggressively promote mixed martial arts in Cebu
Posted on Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 11:53 am
by IDMA Editor

UNIVERSAL Reality Combat Championship (URCC) founder and president Alvin Aguilar promised a more aggressive program to promote mixed-martial arts here in Cebu and the rest of the country.

Aguilar said that they are currently in talks to hold events here in Cebu that aim to cultivate the sport not just for the current professionals but for amateurs as well, Aguilar revealed in an interview yesterday during the launching of the sixth installment of URCC Cebu dubbed “Respect.”

“We want to train an elite team that will become the RP squad which will represent the country in international competitions. This is the first step in our bid to have a homegrown fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship,” said Aguilar.

Aguilar said that they are in the process of creating a talent pool, which they are hoping will produce fighters that will take Philippine MMA to the next level in hopes of bringing the UFC to the country. He mentioned that the URCC Visayas champions are automatically in the pool but are finalizing plans to make it work efficiently.

URCC marketing director, Bubbles Aguilar, the wife of Alvin, also divulged that they will be having a program backed by Tribal Gear that will attract the best amateur fighters from all over the country in a nationwide tournament wherein the ultimate winner will get a three-fight contract with the URCC.

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