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5 Best Martial Arts Movies 2007
Posted on Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 9:24 am
by IDMA Editor

The 5 best martial arts movies of 2007 are all those films that made you want to do some chop-socky, kung-fu fighting of your own! These are the films that made you say to yourself, "Darn it! I should have taken martial arts lessons as a child!" If you can't perform martial arts in real life, then watching them on film is the next best thing.


This is the best martial arts movie of 2007 only because it stars two explosive, action-oriented performers: Jet Li and Jason Statham. It is also excellent and makes for a great, communal viewing experience due to the ample amounts of strong language and even stronger sequences of bloody violence that characterize this beautiful feature. The movie revolves around Statham, an FBI agent who is attempting to apprehend an Asian assassin by the name of Rogue, played by Li.

"Rush Hour 3."

Still fresh (believe it or not) after two previous installments, the "Rush Hour" franchise of films got new life breathed into it with this 2007 feature. The second-best martial arts movie of 2007 due to the comedic team-up of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, "Rush Hour 3" takes viewers on a mini, global escapade as its plot focuses on Paris, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. One of the interesting aspects to this film is the presence of Roman Polanski in an American feature. Polanski was arrested back in the 1970s for sexual assault on an underage girl in America.


Not only live-action films qualify for this list, and that's why "TMNT" slices its way to the three spot on this list of the best martial arts movies of 2007. Shot entirely in CGI, this film is all the martial arts action you could want–in 3D! It takes place after the loss of the Turtles' arch-enemy, The Shredder, and features all four turtles doing their own thing. Raphael is a crimefighter on his own, Leonardo is training in Central America, and (believe it or not!) Michaelangelo and Donatello are holding down real jobs.

"Half Past Dead 2."

This is a straight-to-DVD martial arts movie, but it stars former wrestler Bill Goldberg in the sequel to 2001's "Half Past Dead" that starred Steven Seagal, so it's actually a great film. This movie is about a prison and a simmering and imminent gang war between the Hispanics and the blacks, and only Bill Goldberg can somehow stop it.

"Flash Point."

The final best martial arts movie from 2007 is this gem that stars the Kung Fu legend by the name of Donnie Yen. Try this one for something a lot different than the rest of the movies on this list: It is a foreign film that is all in Cantonese! However, if you buy the DVD, it is dubbed, and you will not only understand the plot line (about a detective who's attempting to build a case against a trio of drug smugglers), but you will also marvel at all the awesome kung-fu action going down.

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