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Martial Artist and Lawman, Steven Seagal
Posted on Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 7:41 am
by IDMA Editor

Martial arts fan Seagal, who is currently a 7th dan degree and Shihan in aikido, started out as a stunt fight co-ordinator on movies including James Bond films View To A Kill and Never Say Never Again, before making his acting debut in 1987 in Above The Law.

The Under Siege star then went on to millions over the years from his all action blockbusters, which have also included Hard To Kill and Exit Wounds, as well as this year's cult classic Machete.

He married fourth wife Erdenetuya last year and is currently on screen in the U.S. in reality TV show Steven Seagal: Lawman. It sees Steven carrying out duties as a reserve deputy sheriff in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

He explained in the first episode, which was broadcast in December last year: 'I've been working as an officer in Jefferson Parish for two decades under most people's radar...I believe it's important to show the nation all the positive work being accomplished here in Louisiana - to see the passion and commitment that comes from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in this post-Katrina environment.'

Although he has full police and arrest powers, Seagal's current rank of reserve deputy chief is said to be largely ceremonial.

Action man: Steven Seagal at a rare public appearance in New York in 2008 - photo by splash

Steven Seagal in TV show "Lawman"

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