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AKA Grand Nationals and NASKA Banquet January 27-29, 2011
Posted on Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 8:50 am
by IDMA Editor

The AKA Grand Nationals return to Chicago, Illinois along with the NASKA Banquet awarding the top competitors of the 2010 season

The NASKA World Tour, the most prestigious open martial arts tournament circuit, opens the 2011 season at Sensei John Sharkey, Jr.’s AKA Grand Nationals at the Hyatt Regency Chicago from January 27-29, 2011. The NASKA Banquet will be held on Thursday, January 27th , which will celebrate the top competitors of the 2010 season of the NASKA World Tour.

The open martial arts competition will begin in the evening of Friday, January 28th and all day through the evening finals competition on Saturday, January 29th. As with all NASKA World Tour competitions, the 2011 AKA Grand Nationals will feature forms, weapons, and sparring divisions. An added feature will be TrickAmerica divisions, which will be a competition of “tricking” or martial acrobatics in the style of Parkour.

Parkour - finding the most interesting way to get around - Image from JB London under Creative Commons

In response to feedback from competitors, parents, and coaches, NASKA’s Board of Directors has implemented some changes of rules for the 2011 season. They range from positive (i.e. certification program for officials, advanced announcement of tournament schedules), potentially promising (i.e. timing of divisions), to increasingly complicated (i.e. tournament point values/ratings schedule). How the rules are applied and impact the competition is uncertain, but they will certainly make the 2011 season more interesting.

The NASKA circuit is the only circuit in North America that can boast the most skilled and talented competitors in the world. NASKA Competitors have the exposure and opportunity to develop major careers in entertainment, sports and management.

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