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10 Best Martial Arts Movie Stars
Posted on Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 8:28 am
by IDMA Editor

You might think that the 10 best martial arts movie stars are all men, think again for there are hot women who drive action in their movies with their own special kung-fu skills. Martial arts defined by any traditional Oriental form of self-defense of combat using physical skill and coordination. Skills these movie stars have for each one was trained in some sort of martial arts skill or was a champion in that arena.

Bruce Lee. (The real deal) The undisputed best of the best martial arts movie star is Bruce. His karate moves were so fast that the director had to slow down the film to capture his faster moves. Best movie, “Enter the Dragon.” Bruce is the legend of martial arts.

2.Chuck Norris. He was a six-time undefeated professional middleweight karate champion, for real! He appeared in 24 movies during his career.

3.Jackie Chan. He was the first of the ten best martial arts movie star to put comedy into karate movies. Best known for his role in the “Rush Hour” franchise.

4.Cynthia Rothrock. Dubbed as the “Queen of Martial Arts Films” she held five black belts in five different forms of martial arts. She starred in 27 movies but is best known for “China O’Brien I & II.”

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5.Jet Li. His big Western debut was “Lethal Weapon 4” where he played the villain. As one of the best ten martial arts movie stars he’s versatile enough to play either the good guy or bad guy on film.

6.Steven Segal. His form of martial arts was Aikido. He hit the big time with his movie, “Under Siege.” His movie moves was to grab, strike and fling his opponent across the room. Now that’s entertainment!

7.Michele Yeoh. The first woman in a James Bond movie to have her own fight scene. This ten best martial arts movie star popularized “wire-fu” in the movie, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

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8.Jason Stathan. Got his break in Hollywood in the first installment of “The Transporter.” Outside of this franchise he also starred in two other movies with sequels, “Crank” and “The Italian Job.”

9.Yun-Fat Chow. He has a gentle demeanor of the ten best martial arts movie stars. Best known for his role in “Crouching Tiger, Gentle Dragon.”

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10.Ziyi Zhang. This ten best martial arts movie star made her way into big time movies such as “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Hero,” and “Rush Hour 2.” That rounds our list of the best of the best in martial arts movie stars.

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