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UFC 129 Tickets
Posted on Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 8:24 am
by IDMA Editor

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Great news for MMA fanatics in Southwestern Ontario! It was announced yesterday that the Rogers Center, home of UFC 129, will be set up to hold 42,000 screaming fight fans for the promotion’s inaugural show in Ontario. Tickets are set to go on sale through Ticketmaster for the general public February 12th at 10AM ET unless you are a UFC Fight Club member, in which case you get a two-day head start beginning Thursday Feb 10th at 10AM ET. A seat in the stands will range from $50-$225 and floor level tickets will begin at $300 and top out at $800.

There has been a lot of humming and hawing in the local media about what you get for your money, after all the octagon is only thirty or so feet from end to end. The UFC made sure to add that they are “working on specialized fan zones and other unique features” which we can assume is to entertain all those people in between fights and during stretches at this nearly 5 hour long event. If the price is still an issue, another selling point is the sheer immensity of this event in the history of the sport and the great talent you will be entertained by for your hard earned money.

A live MMA event is truly something everyone must experience at least once in a lifetime. The electricity of the crowd alone will keep you on the edge of your seat and get your adrenaline pumping. As with most live sporting events, the further you are away from the action, the rowdier the crowd usually gets so expect a great time regardless of where you are sitting. Also don’t forget, there is always the Jumbotron for the bone crunching replays.

When George St-Pierre defeated Josh Koscheck at UFC 124 in Montreal, it was so loud I couldn’t concentrate enough to finish typing my sentence. Now double that and hopefully each ticket will come with a set of UFC branded earplugs. The Rogers Center will not have been this noisy since the Blue Jays won the 1993 World Series Championship, and if St-Pierre pulls off the win at UFC 129 it might even be louder.

Is the experience and environment enough to convince you to get a ticket? If so, look no further than the stacked card the UFC is going to be putting on April 30th. A rumored 12 fights stacked with Canadian talent are slated to take place, that’s 7 more than you would get if you simply paid $60 to watch it on Pay-Per-View. The event its-self is headlined by four huge fights that include two title defenses:

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George St-Pierre vs. Jake Shields

George St-Pierre will defend his welterweight strap once again as Jake Shields attempts to prove he is in fact the best 170 pounder in the world. Brazilian featherweight champ José Aldo will be challenged by Canadian striking sensation Mark Hominick, fresh off a knockout victory of George Roop at UFC Fight for the Troops. Former WEC lightweight champion Ben Henderson faces Toronto born Jiu-jitsu practitioner Mark Boeck. And finally, The Natural Randy Couture, will attempt to dirty-box his way to a victory over ex-light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida. Rumors are, regardless of the outcome, this might be Couture’s last mixed martial arts fight.

Aside from the star-studded main card, here are some of the more notable undercard fights:

John Makdessi vs. Kyle Watson

Another big winner at UFC 124, Quebec’s John ‘The Bull’ Makdessi will make his second UFC appearance in what will be a battle of styles as he faces Ultimate fighter contestant and jiu-jitsu expert Kyle Watson. Makdessi pummeled the living crap out of Pat Audinwood for 3 full rounds in his first ever UFC fight last December. The Bull will have to be more careful about his kicks in this fight as Watson will definitely be looking to take this fight to the ground and avoid Makdessi’s far superior striking.

Claude Patrick vs. Daniel Roberts

Toronto born Claude Patrick is riding a 12-fight win streak into this event, he has enjoyed impressive victories in his last two fights against Ricardo Funch, and Ultimate Fighter season 9 winner James Wilks. Patrick has his hands full against southpaw Daniel Roberts who is coming into the octagon with 2 straight first round finishes. Both these men’s grappling abilities might cancel each other out providing an exciting stand up war for the fans.

Sean Pierson vs. Brian Foster

Oklahoma Native, Brian Foster is going to attempt to upset another hometown hero, Sean Pierson as these welterweights face off on April 30th. Pierson is fresh off his undercard war with Matt Riddle at UFC 124 that, in my opinion, was the fight of the night. Pierson a wrestler and grappler proved to everyone that he can take a punch or 50, and is looking to display how well rounded he is against Foster.

Nate Diaz vs. Rory MacDonald

Diaz learned in his last fight against Dong Hyun Kim that one of the keys to sustainability in the UFC is to fight to win points, not for finishes. However in this matchup Nate won’t have to worry about his opponent stalling him out and trying to win on the judge’s cards as he is facing BC born brawler Rory MacDonald. MacDonald is a great match for Diaz, they are both scrappy guys who are willing to trade on the feet or jockey for position on the ground while attempting submissions. I would be surprised if this fight goes all three rounds, expect some fireworks when these guys square off.

As far as bang for your buck, you would be hard pressed to get more for $50 anywhere else. It breaks down to roughly $10 an hour for 12 fights, octagon girls, blood, sweat and tears in what combines to create ultimate male soap opera. I wouldn’t miss this one for the world, what about you?

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