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New You: Using Mixed Martial Arts to get moving
Posted on Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 8:32 am
by IDMA Editor

For many of us -- finding the motivation to get out the door and into the gym is difficult enough.

But there is a unique exercise many are turning to get moving. Mixed martial arts has been around for years. But it's gained popularity, and you'd be surprised at the intense work out you can get with MMA.

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"MMA's a craze right now, but we've been doing it for years. So now it's just about educating people on what MMA is," says Nathan Kirby.

Kirby is an MMA trainer and says MMA is a good alternative to your typical exercise.

"We're doing sprawl drills, we're on the ground and we're pick somebody up. Or we're gonna hit the heavy bags, so using all these upper body cardio muscles. Then you gotta run in place and then you gotta do sit ups. Or if we're just in a regular class, you're gonna use your core muscles by doing all these take downs, and just positioning on the ground."

Kirby says MMA actually combines several aspects of martial arts, as well as work out trends like Zumba and Tae Bo.

"If you compile them all together, you have HIIT training - High Intensity Interval Training. What that is - is pace and peak. Your heart rate goes up and comes back down."

And Kirby says MMA is for anyone. "We've got Air Force, we've got retired personnel, but we also have stay at home moms, we also have college students. I mean, it truly is for everybody."

But the biggest thing, Kirby says, is to understand it's a lifestyle. "Once they adapt in their mind that we have to change, we're not getting younger. We're not getting healthier. Unless we do something about it, that's the first thing to a New You."

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If you're still not sure if MMA is something for you, try it out and see yourself!

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