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We - sharpens Flying Guillotines
Posted on Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 7:58 am
by IDMA Editor

Production News - Hong Kong and Chinese production group 'We Pictures' has given the green light to 'The Flying Guillotines', a historic martial arts action film and its second to be directed by Teddy Chen after blockbuster Bodyguards And Assassins.

The $15 million budget Guillotines will shoot from April with Yuen Bing supplying the martial arts choreography. Delivery is scheduled for late 2011 or early 2012 and international sales are handled through sister company We Distribution.

Guillotines stars Ethan Ruan, the young Taiwanese who is drawing heat since his best actor awards with last year’s hit Monga, and mainland Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming.

Actor Ethan Ruan

The story follows a group of street ruffians who have been trained as a team of imperial-sanctioned assassins. Then, when they are ambushed by another group the hunters become the hunted. We also describes the band of assassins as "history's first SWAT team".

Actor Huang Xiaoming

We principal Peter Chan takes credit as producer. Chan is currently in post-production on Wu Xia, an historic detective story with Donnie Yen and Kaneshiro Takeshi that is designed to deliver martial arts differently from any previous film in the genre.

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