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Michael Matsuda Fights for a Cause
Posted on Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 11:25 am
by IDMA Editor

Martial Arts History Museum Founder Michael Matsuda will be coming out and fighting for a cause at the First Annual "Fighting for a Cause" Red Carpet Event benefiting the non-profit ogranization Knock Out Dog

Photo of Michael Matsuda

About Michael Matsuda

Michael Gonzalez-Matsuda has been a proud member of the martial arts community for nearly 40 years. He began his martial arts studies in 1968 in a Judo class at the Japanese Community Center in Sun Valley, California. From Judo, Michael went on to study Japanese Karate then Japanese Jiu Jitsu for a short time at the San Fernando Valley Parks and Recreation facility.

After seeing a brief performance by Al Dacascos, Michael became intrigued with the Chinese arts of Kung Fu. In 1974, Michael began studying Hung Gar (Shaolin) Kung Fu from Sifu Lyle Fujioka, a senior student of Sifu Buck Sam Kong's school in Hollywood. Lyle was teaching as a branch of the school at the Mid-Valley YMCA. From there, Michael moved onto the Hollywood school and studied there until 1981, but continued his training for another three years thereafter. In 1977, during his studies in Hung Gar, Michael met a practitioner in the art of Tai Shing Pek Kwar (Monkey) Kung Fu and began training together. After 30 years of training, Michael became the 6th Generation Master of Monkey Kung Fu and serves as the only remaining Monkey Master in America to currently teach the art. He is certified by the United States Tai Shing Pek Kwar Association. His student, C.J. Martinez, has now become the second individual certified to teach the art. - 1968, Began training in Judo at Japanese Community Center.

Michael was selected as one of the Nation's Top 100 Producers and has graced the cover of two film magazines. He has also graced the cover of six martial arts magazines. In 2001 Michael established the Museum Ceremonies to honor the community. Today, the Museum Ceremonies are considered the most "professional oscar style event" in the martial arts. It is an event that is in its 7th year.

He is considered one of the leading authorities in the world on the history of Monkey Kung Fu and considers himself a historian on Chinese Kung Fu. He has written the biographies over over three dozen martial arts pioneers and has done extensive research on the history of the arts in America.

Michael's working career has included Production Manager for a Traveling Magazine, Art Director for an Advertising Company, Computer Based Training Manager, Training Instructor, Chief Executive Officer for, Publisher, Editor, Advertising Director, Event Coordinator and Producer.

He has owned MProductions Design Company, Martial Art Magazine and He currently owns the WireWorks Workshop with Art Camacho,, Michael Matsuda Presents and is the president and CEO of the Martial Arts History Museum. He was also the coordinator and director for the San Fernando Valley Health Fair, the Starbash Convention in Las Vegas, the Wellpoint Conference in Indiana and is currently planning the Asian-American Festival in Los Angeles.

From his Hispanic lineage, Michael is a direct descendent of one of the Founding Families of the City of Los Angeles. His great....great grandfather was Augustin Zamorano, Governor of the State of California. Augustin is also the first person to bring the printing press to California. His first printed book is housed in the California Section of the Natural History Museum. One little piece of trivia is that Michael is also the great... great grandson of California Governor Jose Maria Flores. Jose was a general in the Mexican army that won a decisive battle against the United States.

About "Fighting for a Cause"

Knock Out Dog Fighting will be hosting its 1st Annual "Fighting For a Cause" Fundraising/Red Carpet event being held at The Falcon Hollywood in Los Angeles, Califorinia. The list of celebrities from Hollywood and the Martial Arts world will merge for a night that fans will not soon forget.

Some of the attendees that will be walking down the red carpet include Actors James Lew, Benjamin Bratt, Jodi Brockton, Jerry Trimble, Ami Dolenz, Matthew Jaeger, Talisa Soto, MadTV's Debra Wilson, Comedian Rebecca Corry, Producer David Lockhart, Playboy / Maxim model and host of HDnet's "Get Out" Lana Tailor, Playboy Model and International DJ Roxanne Dawn, UFC legends Bas Rutten and Frank Shamrock, Celebrity Photographer Christopher Ameruoso and pending guests include UFC legend Randy Couture, Kickboxing Legend Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Celebrity Poker Champion Maria Ho and many others.

Photo of Playboy / Maxim model Lana Tailor - photo credit

Photo of Playboy Model and International DJ Roxanne Dawn - photo credit to

Knock Out Dog Fighting is a one-of-a kind award-winning youth intervention program that has become a national leader in stopping cruelty and abuse to both humans and animals.

For more information on the not to be missed event please go to

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