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Jet Li to star in martial arts movie
Posted on Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 5:59 pm
by IDMA Editor

Often ignored in cinema as a viable martial art, Tai Chi is a soft form of traditional martial arts that has gained worldwide popularity. Jet Li, famed action movie star and renowned kung fu stylist, has been an advocate promoting the Chinese art of Tai Chi for some time. He even supports the two-person Tai Chi push hands style for eligibility as an Olympic Sport.

Photo of Jet Li

As he did in his 1993 film, "Tai Chi Master", Jet Li will star in the upcoming "Tai Chi" film, portraying a master in the art.

Photo of Jet Li in "The Tai Chi Master"

Filming will begin in April 2011 and is geared toward a 2012 release date....

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