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ActionFest 2 in April, films include ‘Never Back Down 2′
Posted on Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 6:29 pm
by IDMA Editor

Get ready for some more “Action in Asheville”. From April 7th to April 10th, ActionFest 2 will prevail in Asheville, North Carolina. With the success of last year’s debut, one of the most talked about films that year was UNDISPUTED III: REDEMPTION. This year, another sequel will make its world premiere.

This year, NEVER BACK DOWN 2 will make its premiere. Attending the world premiere are star/director Michael Jai White and fight choreographer Larnell Stovall. Stovall won the Best Fight Choreography award at last year’s event for UNDISPUTED III: REDEMPTION. Stovall also choreographed the action for another one of the films premiering at the event, the film noir BUNRAKU, starring Josh Harnett, Gackt, Ron Perlman, and Demi Moore.

Here is a list of the films premiering at this year’s ActionFest:

BAIL ENFORCERS – A female bounty hunter takes on the big boys in the lead star debut of World Wrestling Entertainment diva Trish Stratus. Stratus will also be attending the premiere of her film.

BANGKOK KNOCKOUT – ONG-BAK action director Panna Rittikrai ups the level of action in this tale of a gang of fighters who are determined to save their friends in an all-out martial arts war.

BATTLE ROYALE – The 2000 hit Japanese film will make its official U.S. theatrical release eleven years after its original release in Japan.

BELLFLOWER – an indie action film about two apocalypse-obsessed friends.

BUNRAKU – A “film noir” that teams up a drifter and a samurai warrior against an evil syndicate.

FIGHTVILLE – a documentary that revolves around mixed martial arts.

FILMS OF FURY: THE KUNG FU MOVIE MOVIE – documentary based on the book by martial arts film expert Ric Meyers. Meyers will also be attending the event.

THE HEIR APPARENT: LARGO WINCH – feature film adaptation based on the popular French comic book hero.

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN – Rutger Hauer plays the titular character in this action film.

LITTLE BIG SOLDIER – Jackie Chan and Leehom Wang star in this 2009 action-comedy set during ancient China.

LONELY PLACE TO DIE – A story about five mountaineers who find danger while on a hiking trip in the Scottish Highlands.

MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED! – A documentary that revolves around jungle exploitation films.

OUTRAGE – Takeshi Kitano’s return to the Yakuza genre after the crossover film BROTHER (2000).

SUPER – James Gunn’s vigilante comedy-thriller starring THE OFFICE’s Rainn Wilson as a wannabe superhero.

TOMORROW, WHEN THE WAR BEGAN – Based on a popular novel series in Australia, the film pits teenagers against an army invasion.

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