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Martial Artist Thwarts Home Invader.
Posted on Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 7:26 am
by The IDMA Team

An intoxicated home intruder claims he broke into the wrong home after he was confronted by martial arts instructor, MJ White.

According to the Gainesville Sun, Christopher Brunson, a University of Florida student, claims to have been drunk after he threw a chair into a window and climbed into a home. The dwelling's occupant was MJ White, another UF student, who is a second degree black belt in Cuong Nhu. White shares the dwelling with his sisters, but neither of them were home and both sisters later stated that they did not know Brunson.

White went downstairs armed with a tambo (a short stick) and a kerambit (a small curved blade), and he ordered the intruder onto the ground. Brunson did not comply and muttered something about being cold so White decided not to use either weapon- he instead used his bare hands to put Brunson to the ground. White stated that the intruder's incoherence was a deciding factor to put Brunson down with less force.

Brunson later stated that he was drunk and thought he was breaking into his own home. Brunson's home, it turns out, was actually four miles away.


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