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Posted on Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 2:27 pm
by The IDMA Team


“The Panther” Bares Claws at Molitor During Media Workout

TORONTO, ON – (Friday, March 19, 2010) IBF #1 ranked Takalani “The Panther” Ndlovu (30-5, 18 KO’s) spoke to the media after a public workout at the famed Cabbagetown Boxing Club in preparation for his battle against “The Canadian Kid” Steve Molitor (31-1, 12 KO’s, IBF #2 Junior Featherweight) for the vacant IBF Junior Featherweight world title, in the main event of Rumble at Rama XI, Saturday, March 27th at Casino Rama, in Rama, Ontario.

On his tactics for this fight, as compared to his first fight with Molitor (TKO 9 loss in 2007) “Nothing has changed. I’m the same fighter. He’s the same fighter. I’m always happy with my performance all the time.”

“I’m prepared this time, and I was prepared the last time we fought. The question is, how prepared is Molitor.”

On fighting on the road in front of a hostile crowd, and if he feels he has to score a knockout to win. “This fight could be anywhere, it doesn’t matter. I’m not fighting the judges, I’m fighting Steve Molitor, and he’s just a regular fighter like me. The judges have nothing to do with me. The only person I’m focusing on is Molitor.”

“I might not have any fans over to watch me, but I know they are back home, and they are with me. We are always celebrating back home. 2010 is South Africa’s year. We have the World Cup, and we haven’t stopped celebrating, and on March 27th I will give them another reason to be happy.”

On what he would like to say to Molitor “Thumbs-up mother(expletive)” (said while extending two middle fingers into the air)

“Steve, you froze against Caballero (Molitor was stopped in four rounds by Celestino Caballero in December of 2008), and you’ll freeze against me on March 27th. Mark my words.”

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