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Mixed martial arts should not be legal
Posted on Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 4:50 am
by IDMA Editor

As a practitioner of the martial way for 25 years I am disappointed with the Ontario government's decision to sanction mixed martial arts within this province.

Yes, it is enjoyable to watch skilled athletes perform, but the MMA isn't about that. Martial arts isn't only about building your mind and body to overcome your opponent. It's not about punching and kicking the opposition into submission. It's not even about capitalizing on the deficiency or lack of experience of others. But that is what is propagated today as martial arts.

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There was a time when warriors would immerse themselves in philosophy, history and religion. They were skilled in the visual arts and had an appreciation for literature. Their practice was a means to self discovery. Those forgotten warriors fought for more than just recognition and the prestige of being a champion. Honour, duty, respect and, most of all, compassion is missing from these modern "battles."

Real martial arts is the struggle, by way of practice within a discipline, to learn how to control the "beast" within us. Today's gladiators are no different that those who slaughtered each other in the arenas and Colosseum of ancient Rome.

By legitimizing acts of violence, our government closes its eyes to the repercussions of allowing ignorance, and the un-skilled to establish their own understanding, or lack thereof, of the moral and legal consequences of applying martial skills on the general public. I discovered that the skills I developed were dangerous. Even though I trained with the utmost care and concern , I could never, never use these techniques -- these weapons -- on the general public.

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