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Intro to female mixed martial arts
Posted on Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 8:43 pm
by IDMA Editor

Like any female version of a male oriented sport around the world, female mixed martial arts has not quite got the respect itís deserved over the years. With casual fans not wanting to watch an entire card dedicated to lady on lady action, certain mixed martial arts promotions in both the east and the west have made exceptions to allow women to partake in their events.

Photo of Gina Carano - Ultimate

As far as rules go for male and female mma, they are identical for both sides. The women arenít treated any differently than the males are and that's the way fans like it.

Arguably one of the most prominent pushers of female mixed martial arts is the Strikeforce promotion. As the second most popular promotion in Nothern America, Strikeforce has produced some of the biggest stars in the sport today. Of the top three pound for pound female fighters in the world, Strikeforce has two of them in 135 pound Strikeforce welterweight champion Sarah Kaufman who is ranked number 2 and Cris Cyborg, the 145 pound Strikeforce middleweight champion who is ranked third.

But possibly the biggest name in female mixed martial arts is Gina Carano. Known for her beauty more than her fighting, Carano quickly became the face for female mixed martial arts but as quickly as she rose, she faded. In a power move, Strikeforce put Carano up against Cris Cyborg and the results were brutal. Cris Cyborg would prove that she is the most destructive power puncher in female mixed martial arts as she tore through Carano like a hot knife through butter.

Another promotion pushing female mma in the United States is the up and coming Bellator promotion. But unlike Strikeforce, Bellator lack the same amount of star power as even the number one pound for pound female fighter in the world isnít enough to give the promotion exposure. Japanese fire cracker Megumi Fuji is widely considered to be the best female fighter in the world. With 21 fights, 21 wins and 17 coming by way of submission, youíll have a hard time finding any other female that has proved themselves more dominant that Fuji.

For the most part, the level of skill held by the likes of Kaufman, Fuji, Carano or Cyborg are so huge that most other female fighters struggle to look average when fighting them. In this sport there are the champions, who are easily the best fighters in the world, and there are those who arenít champions who scrap it out amongst themselves and whenever they do get a title shot, they are demolished quite easily. Eventually the female side of the sport will evolve to the point where all the fighters are on par with the level of the champions today, but for the moment, they couldnít even come close.

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