The IDMA School Program
What is the IDMA School Program?
It is a special program for you, as a school owner, to help your students learn better with a financial benefit to you.

What are my advantages to joining the program?

  • Every time your students access your curriculum, it will earn you money
  • You have complete control of what parts of your curriculum your students have access to
  • No need for you to build a website. Your IDMA page will have complete information about your school, including its own banners, an about section, and your events, and news.
  • It gives your students convenient access to your curriculum, thereby, having them progress faster
  • It allows you better communication with your students by supplying you with a complete messaging system
  • It offers you a quick and easy way to inform your students of upcoming new, events, and changes
  • Your students have a better means to ask questions
  • Your students can seek help through the forum from their school comrades
  • It ensures a way that your martial art system will not be lost
In all , it makes teaching simpler, more organized and more profitable for you. It makes learning for your students more enjoyable and easier for them and provides you with and advantage over your competition.

How does the program work?

IDMA arranges with you, for a prearranged specified price, to come and have your martial arts curriculum professionally filmed, edited, and uploaded on the website, or you arrange to film your curriculum, submit your footage to IDMA, and pay IDMA a one time fee to professionally edit and upload your curriculum.

IDMA will work with you to edit and build the content in various organized levels that suit you.

Once your program is on the website, you will be the administrator and are free to add students who register.

IDMA bills you (your school) a set fee per student, per month, for each student that registers.

The IDMA School Program is totally private, allowing only your school members access and only if you (the administrator of the program) have appointed them access. You will have total control of who has access and to what they have access to, on your site.

Should you wish, you can make announcements to your students, bring them the latest news, communicate with them through your blog, or share information on the forum.

You can also post your events, testing dates, and seminars.

IDMA also automatically adds your school to its world-wide directory, giving you added exposure.

At any time, any new curriculum can be added or updated by the IDMA team.

Take advantage of our fast and proven infrastructure, and use this new tool to grow your school on the internet.

If you are interested in earning additional income with the IDMA School Program then email us, so we can answer all your questions.

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The I Do Martial Arts School Program
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